TFL Painting Challenge: Another Big One!

Originally posted 6th September 2014

Another large upload today: not updating the challenge for a week is definitely not a good idea!

Today we have entries from:

  • Wulf Corbett, whom I have generously allowed to join the challenge even though we are almost at Christmas!
  • More ships, beautiful ships, from Egg
  • Some more Martians from Treadhead...makes me want to get on with mine
  • Mr Luther supplies some photos to go along with his previous submissions 
  • Mr Bax shows us how to do Fallschirmjaegers: there's no photo yet as they had to go straight from the painting table to the gaming table!
  • Benito submits some Spanish Civil War figures
  • and Mervyn paints some ancients

Two pictures today:  Egg's ships again (I love 'em!) and Treadhead's Martian tripods (to inspire me!).