TFL Painting Challenge: Big Update

Originally posted 21st September 2014

Been incredibly busy this week (see next story, above) so have not had a chance to do any updates.

So, here goes with a mega one!

We have updates from:

  • Owen: three entries, loads of points that takes him over the 2,500 mark!
  • Benito with more of his SCW stuff
  • Derek with seven buildings including a lots-of-work stockade that takes him crashing past the 1,000 point score!
  • Mr Bailey with more FIW figures
  • Mr Bax with some sci-fi vehicles
  • Mervyn and some Ancients
  • Joakim with a hanger that I really covet!
  • Topi with some 15mm WW2 vehicles
  • Mr Slade and loads of 28mm figures
  • and Mr Luther with a truly massive hex mat that I currently (as I'm typing this before I do the points) have no idea how to score!

Today's picture is from Joakim: a second viewpoint of his hanger (which I want!):