TFL Painting Challenge: Huge Update

Originally posted 30th June 2014

Bumper entries today as people rush to get in their entries before the end of the second quarter!

So today we have achievements from:

  • Owen, who cruises past 1,500 points at the speed of light with a large sci-fi entry which also takes him into the lead at over 1,800 points
  • Kev, with another forty SYW infantry
  • Vidal, who not only beats me to the first Martin tripod entry but also passes the 500 point mark
  • Jon Yuengling, who is so prolific I now spell his name with ease
  • Treadhead
  • Derek Hodge with a collection of buildings, scenery and farm animals (sounds like my love life) that taxed the points system of the challenge but resulted in him passing the 500 point mark with flying colours
  • Egg, whose wonderful 1/1250 ships are today's star picture
  • Topi with a collection of 15mm WW2 figures
  • Mr Danziger
  • Stumpy, who went basing mad and achieved half points for 375 Zulu War 28mm figures which neatly took him past the 1,000 point mark
  • Mr Plowman whose four Big Men take him past the 500 mark, as the actress said to the bishop (I'm here all week, try the fish).

And Kev and Craig: you were indeed imprisoned in my spam box, but should now be recognised as legit for future entries.

Here are Egg's beautiful boats: