TFL Painting Challenge: Not At Crisis!

With many Lardies off at Crisis this weekend, we who are left behind can only console ourselves by looking at the latest entries in the TFL Painting Challenge.

Today we have entries from:

  • Alexandros, with more Italians for his desert CoC campaign that take him past the 1,000 points mark. Huzzah!
  • Chris Gilbride with some Henandoah and British Paras.
    • Chris needs to be congratulated here, as apparently the Paras were started three years ago, the Henandoah some seven years ago. Just shows the power of the painting challenge!
  • Mr Luther shows us the future by flying in with some more 1/285 'planes via Shapeways 3D printing
  • Mr Stoessen submits a tank and some cowboys
  • and Mr Ralls submits two 15mm early WW2 units: 74 figures in all

Today's picture is from Mr Gilbride: his Henandoah tribesmen carefully brewed over the last seven years...