TFL Painting Challenge: Monster Monday Night Update

Well it seems as if you have been getting the brushes out again for that last push before the end of the year. Today we have achievements from:

  • Doug Melville: eight 20mm WW2 vehicles
  • Chris Stoesen and 23 Cold War Soviets
  • Mark Luther converts some Australians to make casualty figures, and then re-bases them all
  • Mr Yuengling paints a couple of 15mm buildings that look suspiciously like egg cartons. The things some people will do for points!
  • Alexandros submits a ,lovely Italian Scout Squad for CoC. Lovely boy, lovely boy!
  • Mervyn Douglas sends in some AT Guns, some javelinmen, and some Gallic slingers with, for some reason, red feet. Must be trampling over the bodies of their enemies!
  • Mr Bax submits six asylum patient zombies. Step away from the paint pot and put the modeling knife down!
  • And finally Mr Slade submits enough 28mm Crusade figures to equal my entire year's total in one submission. You're not making any friends here, Matt, you know that, don't you? Takes his total up to tantalisingly close to 4,000 points!

That is one monster update and, to celebrate, we'll have more than one picture. Not Jon's egg carton houses (actually they are probably really expensive models!) but, obviously, Alexandros' Italians and Matt Slade's command figures. Lovely: just lovely.