TFL Painting Challenge: Huge Update

Demonstrating just how big the painting challenge is getting, here's a huge update that represents under a week's worth of entries...

So, in no particular order, we have:

  • Benito breaking his 2015 duck with some El Cid Moors
  • Mr Yuengling with some more 15mm WW1 infantry
  • Carole with a mixture of entries that include a rather nice scratchbuilt Normandy church and loads of Nine Years War Frenchies
  • Mr Plowman adds some beautifully painted knights for his Rampant Lion army
  • Fred Bloggs enters his usual mixture of weird figures: witches, dwarves and some figures who shall not be named for copyright reasons!
  • Joakim adds some more big Dusters
  • AJH eventually manages to submit some Dux B and TCHAE figures
  • Mr Douglas adds more Greek cavalry - hope they got their votes in before posing for the photo
  • Mr Ralls enters lots of monsters from the Shadows of Brimstone game
  • Mr Luther adds more 6mm aeroplanes and some more 20mm Japs
  • Mr Bax also appears in the lists for the first time in 2015, with some lovely Fallschirmjaegers and Dutch police
  • Mr Blankenship achieves 'fousands of 15mm Japs (well, 157) and a lot of tanks and anti-tank guns
  • Steve Burt builds an Airfix cafe
  • and finally Mr Helliwell adds more Germans to his autumn collection

That's entries from 14 people this week. Not bad going considering its only January!

Today's pictures? From two people I think. Let's have Carole's scratchbuilt church and Mr Bax's Dutch police: