TFL Painting Challenge: First Update of 2015

Here is the first painting challenge update of 2015. I wasn't expecting to post one so soon, but some of you have been so quick off the mark that it seemed churlish to wait.

  • First off the blocks was Richard Naylor, with a cheeky 4Ground house. Still waiting for a picture, but logged at 5pm on 1st January: an impressively quick start to the year.
  • Next up we have Richard Danziger, with three 15mm tanks.
  • Finally we have the first of what I am sure will be many entries from Matt Slade. Obviously working like a demon over Xmas, he has already finished over 200 points worth of achievements for 2015. Looks like he's out to break that 5,000 point barrier whilst us mere mortals can only wonder at how he does it!

Today's pictures are from Mr Slade. One of his dwarf pics, and a couple of bug pics. Wish mine looked as good as that!