TFL Painting Challenge: Saturday Night is the night for an update

Another huge batch of entries this week, from participants both old and new.

Some of the point scores being racked up already are incredible. It both bodes well for the challenge as a whole and inspires me to get my own finger out and finish the ten 15mm tanks sitting on my painting table.

Today's achievements are from:

  • Regular Mr Yuengling with three Japanese tanks in 15mm
  • Mr Baldwin with some literally small pickings
  • The Mad Padre bursts onto the scene with three entries for January
  • Matt Slade also adds three entries, including some SYW figures and the Ghostbusters (no controversy here: they are all of the male variety)
  • Ralph Plowman plows on with his Fireforge knights (and yes, I'm sure he's heard that one before)
  • Doug Melville reappears with a boxful of Wallachians and Hungarians
  • Steve Burt adds a few more Makedonians
  • Mr Ralls threatens to overwhelm his gallery with three more entries:  Bavarians, Wurttemburgers and a hotel for them to stay in
  • Mr Luther adds some more of his lovely Japs and a double handful of 6mm vehicles
  • Ashley Pollard also reappears...this time with some starships
  • Newbie Andrew McCarthy adds some Italians and a KO'd T-34
  • And the rather worryingly named 'Topyob' puts in seven 15mm vehicles and some British Guards.

There's another entry but as they (no names, no pack drill) forgot to let me know what scale the figures are and, unusually, I can't tell, they will have to wait!

Today's picture is from Mr McCarthy...the aforementioned Italians :