TFL Painting Challenge: a post-Warfare Update

Plenty of tip-top submissions this week. In no particular order we have:

  • Mr Helliwell, with another regiment of ACW foot plus command and supporting artillery
  • Joakim goes large with a goodly number of figures for Dust, including two very nice looking walkers
  • Mr Luther adds another eleven 'planes to hi collection
  • Dave Humm adds his usual eclectic mix, with figure for Frostgrave, Flintloque, and a very early example of a war photographer!
  • Mr Ralls makes a welcome return with huge numbers of 28mm figures. Nice to see you back at the painting table, Jason.
  • Jon Yuengling also makes a welcome return, with a submission consisting of trees, lots of trees
  • Doug Melville is also back, with some lovely Medieval Scots and three bits of modern Soviet armour
  • and last, but by no mens least, Kev (Fat Wally) has gone Star Wars crazy, with two ships and a quite frankly huge-looking asteroid base

Today's pics are from Doug, his Medieval Scots; and from Joakim, one of his walkers. Lovely!

PS  Scorecard will be updated tonight, when I'm at home. Too difficult to do at work without the right software!