TFL Painting Challenge: Last Update in November

How time flies when you're having fun! One moment we're all talking about the 2015 new year, and the next it's the end of November already!

Still plenty of time to get your entries into this year's painting challenge. Here are some that other people have submitted:

  • Mr Bowler is back with some more 28mm WOTR figures. Given everything that Hat has completed this year, his table must be quite impressive when a game is on.
  • Steve Burt adds more Zulu War figures
  • Mervyn pops in some Ancient Brits
  • Mr Helliwell has foolishly let work get in the way of his painting lately...but has still found time to knock up 24 Confederate skirmishers
  • Mr Luther fills in a few gaps in his gallery
  • And Pedevere sends in more French types: lots of what I think are Legion Etrangere.

Today's pics are from Pedevere: his staff car and Dodge truck...very tasty!