TFL Painting Challenge: A Dark November Afternoon's Update

Well it's just about half three and already almost dark: just the setting for a painting challenge update.

Not many entries this week: must be the calm before the end-of-year storm. If you are sitting on entries, do please submit them in a timely fashion: I was doing more than one update a day last year between Christmas and New Year!

Anyhoo, here are today's:

  • Joakim pops in some pulp figures, including an eclectic looking WW2 Italian truck
  • Mervyn has been away, but manages to squeeze in two units of cavalry
  • Matt Slade submits his regular entry: some rather good looking special forces types from Crooked Dice
  • Mr Luther doesn't add to his total, but does send in a pic of his Mathildas. Very nice, Mark, but I think the field gun went astray.
  • Mr Naylor continues with his late war Soviets
  • And Treadhead sends in yet more Taliban

As I said, a short update today...and thus just the one pic: Mr Luther's Mathildas:

As for my own efforts, I am now ahead of last year and closing in on my target of 1,000 points. It's only early November, under 100 points to go, so I should be able to make it. Exciting stuff!