TFL Painting Challenge: 22nd December

I'm settling nicely into my Christmas holiday now: no work until the new year!

Here's today's patch of painting challenge entries:

  • Mr Slade sends in a pic of some very familiar looking figures
  • Lloyd 'the hat' Bowler finishes off his WOTR collection with a couple of command stands, and starts up the Ancients with a unit of Romans.
  • Carole pops in a couple of hover tanks
  • Mr Plowman also adds some sci-fi goodness, with some Clear Horizon robots
  • and, finally, Mr Helliwell manages another 30 Panzergrenadiers

Today's pic has to be Matt's familiar, but unavailable, figures:

Well, there is one more entry to come. Treadhead has submitted a picture of his brand spanking new games room. I can't score this for the challenge, but I can include the pic here:

Very nice!

Still plenty of time to get your entries in for the challenge. Doors don't shut until midnight on the 31st!