TFL Painting Challenge: Sunday Morning Update

Yes, it's an odd one: a Sunday morning update.

Well, it's early and no-one else is up, not quite light enough to paint it must be a good time to do an update and perhaps tidy up a few bits and pieces on the site.

BTW if you have your own website and like Vis Lardica, as I'm sure you do, whether you're in the Challenge or not, do please put a link to VL on your site: the Lard must be shared with all! Whatever it says in the top nav, will get you here, and it won't take more than a moment of your time to do.

Now, on to today's Challenge entries...

  • Joakim enters some 28mm fantasy figures
  • Topyob bangs in some AWI figures (photos please)
  • The prodigious Carole finishes a whole brigade of horse and an orc found in the back of her drawer. That takes her flying past the 500 point mark: huzzah!
  • Mr Yuengling pops in three more panzers 
  • Owen is back, and with a vengeance. Three entries at once: some 15mm infantry, and then an enormous amount of 6mm sci fi including 58 houses. Takes him straight past the 500 mark as well: huzzah again!

To all you people who have been slaving away all weekend but haven't managed to send in your entries yet: don't worry, I'm sure I'll do another update tonight, tomorrow or Tuesday!

Today's picture is of Carole's brigade of horse: how does she paint so quickly?