TFL Painting Challenge: Sunday Night, Lots of Achievements

So here we are, Sunday night, the calm before the storm of a week's work ahead of us. What could sustain us through the darkness? Why, the TFL Painting Challenge of course!

Here, in no particular order, are this week's entries:

  • Jon Yuengling paints more 15mm vehicles
  • Mr Burt does Alexander and his Companions
  • John de terre neuve submits some French, some pulp and some appropriately winter-like terrain
  • Monsieur "I Am Bruce" enters some Dux stuff
  • Carole, never off this list, submits another brigade of 15mm Nine Years War figures
  • Treadhead pops in a squad of US troops for CoC, some heavy weapon teams to support them, and almost enough outhouses to see to their other needs!
  • And Mr Helliwell adds some more 15s to his collection

Rare that I choose terrain as the pic of the day, but today I have. Herewith JDTN's winter terrain in 20mm: