TFL Painting Challenge: Saturday Night Update

Ah, as I listen to the oft-heard sound of wife and eldest daughter arguing about...well, I don't know what and, quite frankly, have no wish to know as I might then get dragged into it, I think it's time for a painting challenge update.

Today's entries are from:

  • Mr Douglas with more LOTR figures
  • Mr Baldwin with an entry that originally got lost and is now found: some 6mm Sudan figures and some 15mm WW2 American Paras (I must get started on mine)
  • Joakim with twelve Brimstone figures
  • Mr Luther with over 100 6mm infantry and 24 6mm AFVs
  • Jon Yuengling submits some cacti
  • Mr Slade submits some Prussians
  • Our friend Topi submits some 15mm WW2 vehicles and guns
  • Mr Ralls returns with some more re-basing and also a spot of Brimstone painting
  • Bad news for Carole: she's been laid up with a bad foot...but good news for her painting challenge score as it's given her a chance to ready another prodigious entry

Carole also becomes the first person to beat her 2014 score (new entrants don't count) although I suspect her previous year's score was so low because she only started submitting entries late in the year!

Today's picture is a reminder to me to get on with my US Paratroops: it's Mr Baldwin's US Paratroopers...