TFL Painting Challenge: Tuesday Update

A Tuesday update for a change...mainly because I spent all last night watching Band of Brothers!

Today's achievements are from:

  • Carole gets his act together and confirms the scale of his Anglo-Scottish Nine Years War Brigade from Lurkio
  • Then adds loads of tanks and halftracks...not to the same army, I'm assured
  • Mr Helliwell adds a couple of 15mm vehicles
  • Benito sends in a lovely picture of an armoured car for the Spanish Civil War
  • Mr Douglas adds some more Greeks (I'd love to repeat the joke about the elephants, but I try and keep the site as apolitical as possible!)
  • Paul Baldwin, who probably can plow, adds some nice WoR men-at-arms and lots of teeny-tiny chaps from the desert
  • Jon Yuengling with a big entry of planes and tanks in 6mm and 15mm
  • New entrant "I'm Bruce" pops in a Sidney and a Finnish tank
  • and Ashley adds some more sci-fi

Today's official pictures are from Benito (a Union Naval de Levante (UNL-35) armoured car for his Republican Army of the Spanish Civil War); newbie I'm Bruce (a Finnish tank); and Carole (the Anglo-Scottish Brigade).

Anglo-Scottish brigade.jpg

Finally, one of the list above who shall remain nameless (no, it wasn't Carole) deserves a special mention for his attempts to claim for painting his mother-in-law's bedroom.

I was tempted to give him the points for a "building greater than 28mm", but then I remembered that in the past I've disallowed a greenhouse and a biscuit tin.

I know you all want to see it, so here it is: