TFL Painting Challenge: Monday Night Update

And the entries keep pouring in!

If they keep up at this rate, we are going to have some seriously high scores this year.

So, in no particular order, achievements for today are:

  • Nils Hedglin with a selection of fantasy Viking werewolves
  • Sapper with some Garde Francaise and Mongol commanders
  • The incredibly productive (and female) Carole with another 15mm brigade of infantry
  • Mr Slade with some lovely Austrians
  • Mr Douglas switches to 28mm
  • Mr Ralls bangs in loads of 28mm foot and seven 15mm Vietnam-era tanks that take him past the 1,000 point mark already. Most impressive!
  • Paul Blankenship paints more Japanese...49 knee mortarmen and some guns that take him past the 500 point mark, huzzah!
  • Mr Helliwell moves away from Germans to...Hessians
  • Paul Baldwin with some Perry handgunners
  • Mr Yuengling with some early war Germans
  • Mr Luther gets points for his trees (lots of trees, lots of points) but none for his stowage. Sorry, Mark, I judged this to be polishing rather than creating from scratch.
  • Mr Duffell submits lots of lovely 28mm WW2 figures
  • and finally Mr "I am Bruce" submits some Spartans and some guinea pigs

Today's pictures are from Mr Duffell: his Panther and a modified SdKfz 250: