TFL Painting Challenge: An Update

Getting to the stage where I have to do an update early on in the weekend in order to make time for an update after the weekend!

In no particular order, we have:

  • Mr Bax makes a welcome return with his version of Frozen II
  • Benito pops in a quick ATG
  • AJH, desperate to get ahead of Topi, achieves some fences and a house
  • Matt Slade submits some 28s, and lovely they are too
  • Mr Naylor with some more little tanks
  • I Am Bruce enters the Lardy five..might be a duplicate in there?
  • Carole, with loads of half-tracks, some pimped
  • And newbie Mr Milne enters Australians of both sizes (does that sound right to you?) and some British armour

Today's picture? Well let's carry on the tradition of showcasing a newbie's first entry. Here are Mr Milne's 15mm Australians: