TFL Painting Challenge: Sunday Night Update, Quite Large!

Plenty of entries flooding in: last update was Tuesday, and easily enough new achievements to justify another update now.

In no particular order, we have:

  • Richard Naylor with a company of 6mm Russian APCs and some 20mm WW2 US infantry and supports
  • Mr Douglas with some orcs and Uruk Hai
  • The painting machine masquerading as Carole bangs in a brigade of 15mm French cavalry and a couple of terrain pieces
  • The notorious AJH rides again with large numbers of 6mm ACW infantry and artillery
  • Mr Stapells has, in his own words, gone Fallschirm-crazy, submitting a platoon of late war troopers plus enough supports to justify his opponent fielding a company of Shermans!
  • Jason Ralls rises phoenix-like once again, with some dead cowboys and a massive beastie from the depths of Brimstone
  • Mr Baldwin prepares for Market Larden with over two score 28mm WoR infantry and a Spanish guerilla (the freedom fighter sort, not the great ape)

Plenty of pictures to choose from...let's have one of Mr Baldwin's WoR units:

Still plenty of you who haven't submitted anything yet for the new year: time for a catch-up submission if you ask me!