TFL Painting Challenge: A Moderate Update

Just a moderate update today. Quite lucky, as I'm exhausted after a week travelling around England's green and pleasant land on business.

Today's entries are:

  • Obviously Matt Slade, with a giant entry
  • Mr Helliwell roars back with a mix of scales and periods
  • Leif is back! Okay, so it's just one 28mm tank, but he's definitely back
  • Carole pops in some more half-tracks, but is running out of things to paint. Salute, dearie, Salute: my shopping list already extends a great deal further than my wallet!
  • Not only is Leif back, but Wulf returns as well.  Four figures from him.
  • Mr Luther submits some 20mm Japanese tanks, and pimps up a load of 6mm armour as well

Today's picture? Well it has to be Leif's tank, doesn't it?