TFL Painting Challenge: Post Salute Update

No, not another Salute blog post: an update to the painting challenge that I'm adding the evening after I got back from Salute.

But whilst we're on the topic, a great show this year. Top game was obviously the debut of the TFL Chain of Command variant Fighting Season, which takes the platoon level WW2 game and adapts it for ultramodern warfare in Afghanistan. Nice to see a properly asymmetrical platoon-level game instead of just something where the westerners just shoot anything that moves!

The show itself, I thought, was the best for some years...certainly in terms of organisation. I arrived at 10.25 and walked straight in: no queue. There was plenty of space between each, er, installation, and not too many people playing fancy dress, although I did spot a very miserable looking Napoleonic British rifleman, an enormous American GI (wouldn't have fitted in a half-track, perhaps not even a full-track), and a girl wearing fox ears and a foxes tail! Oh, and there was someone in a giant cardboard space marine suit as well, accompanied by a decidedly un-lethal looking gun woman!

I spent far too much: two boxes of the new PSC SdKfz 250 half-tracks; quite a few half-price FOW blisters that I didn't really need but, come on, they were half price; a few full-price FOW blisters that I did need; some more Sarissa laser-cut buildings; and then some odd bits and pieces that just caught my eye.

Excel was packed (I had real difficulty finding somewhere to have a sarnie and a cup of coffee) mainly because in addition to the Marathon people (loving the contrast: wargamers vs marathon runners) there was also a convention celebrating the Sherlock TV series. I enjoyed Sherlock very much, but not perhaps enough to go to a convention about it, but it did increase the babe-count in general. A sexist comment, I know and apologise for, but I'm with Holden Caulfield on that one.

Anyhoo, on to the painting challenge entries...

  • Mervyn adds some more LOTR figures
  • Steve Burt adds some more Napoleonics
  • Carole is awaiting a package, but has just squeezed in a couple of 28s
  • Fred Bloggs adds more dwarves and witches and things
  • Mr Plowman has some 15mm sci fi painted samples for a forthcoming Kickstarter. Very nice indeed.
  • Mr Naylor pops in some 20mm WW2 Germans
  • Mr Ralls slams back into action with a massive entry that takes him over his last year's entry already. Top pick was the 98 Mighty Empires terrain tiles: 588 points on their own.
  • And Wulf adds a few more 28s to his gallery

Today's picture is from Mr Burt: his British 7th Hussars...