TFL Painting Challenge: A Second Easter Weekend Update

Good to see that all of you are doing something useful with your holiday time: painting figures and sending in your entries to the painting challenge!

Lots of lovely entries again so, in no particular order, we have:

  • Stumpy emerges from his lair for his first entry of the year: and a big entry it is too!
  • Carole provides some support for her British infantry
  • Fred Bloggs pops in some more 28mm figures
  • AJH finishes off his forces for an Elephant game
  • Mr Luther paints more 20mm Japs, and fills in some of the blanks in his gallery. Recommended for a look.
  • Mr Burt provides the picture of his Skraelings. Sorry, Steve, but people tell me they preferred the picture of your cat!
  • Benito sends in some lovely Moors
  • And the ever-present Mr Slade kindly provides a pin cushion...I mean almost three hundred 6mm pikemen!

There are three pictures today. First up, Benito's Moors: gorgeous and make me want to go all El Cid myself.

And then let's have a picture from Mr Luther: what a lovely tabletop that is!