TFL Painting Challenge: Pre-GoT Update!

Just got time to squeeze in another update before plunging back into Game of Thrones!

A huge update tonight:  loads of models, loads of points!

In no particular order we have:

  • Mr Luther adds an outpost and fills in a lot of his missing pictures. Only two to go in fact!
  • Mr Bax adds some Romano-Brits for Dux
  • Owen adds another two regiments of Austrians
  • WillieB joins Dick in Dux: lots of 28mm DB infantry
  • Mr Helliwell pops in a loyalist regiment for the American War of Independence
  • Mr Ralls smashes in figures in two different scales and tops off his entry with some buildings to die for
  • Mr Slade has some lovely looking Dark Age Warriors
  • AJH emerges from the Nordic darkness accompanied by some SYW Austrians and goes over 500 points. Huzzah!
  • Steve Burt consolidates and adds some command stand for his Napoleonics...and just hits his half century as well: huzzah!
  • Finally Lloyd Bowler includes the mandatory (and very nice looking) WOTR regiment

Today's pics are Jason Ralls' buildings and gardens...and just look at those gardens! I want, I want, I want!