TFL Painting Challenge: Saturday Morning Update

As I think I'm going to be busy for the rest of the weekend (including painting some more Paras and a game of Q13 tonight) I thought I'd better get in an update now .

Today we have:

  • Some home-made swamp from Mt Plowman
  • Sixteen beautifully painted 15mm WW2 BEF vehicles from Egg
  • Some more Perry WOTR figures from Lloyd 'The Hat' Bowler
  • Eighty 6mm ACW infantry from AJH
  • Lots of Napoleonics from Owen
  • And an impressive one hundred sabot bases (plus some other bits and bobs) from Mr Hodge

Today's pictures are two in number. First, and obviously, Egg's vehicles, which I covet enormously:

And secondly, AJH's 6mm ACW entry. Very nice for things so small!