TFL Painting Challenge: Mid Week Update

A very quick mid-week update mainly to celebrate Carole's return to form and Koen's first entry of the year.

In no particular order, we have:

  • Mr Luther adds an impressive sixteen 1/285 planes to his already impressive collection
  • Carole returns to form with a whole zug of 15mm Panzergrenadiers and supports...and I feel your pain over those camouflage smocks!
  • Sapper slips in a Sherman, a very nice Sherman
  • and finally Koen makes his first appearance of the year with an impressive number of 28mm WW2 figures, vehicles and even an oasis

So, as is traditional, we'll have a pic of one of Koen's entries: British supports, including an MMG, company officer and radioman, FOO team, medic and an extra officer