TFL Painting Challenge: Sunday Update

Another very big update today, with two people submitting their first entries for the year.

In no particular order, we have:

  • Chris Stoesen, with his first entry of the year, pops in some US Cold War infantry
  • Carole submits another PSC German Panzergrenadier platoon. Obviously enjoying those camouflaged smocks!
  • Mr Hodge sends in more figures for Dux Raiders
  • Jason Ralls sends in another ginormous entry: two 28mm infantry platoon and enough 15mm houses to solve the nation's current crisis. This takes Jason past the 3,000 point mark (well past it) so congrats for that!
  • Mr Hat, I mean Bowler, enters some more WOTR figures
  • Geoff "Bond, Geoff Bond" Bond also appears for the first time this year, with a mamoth entry. Not prehistoric elephant-types, but sixty-seven 28mm chaps for Chain of Command. Has already beaten his score for last year by an impressive margin.
  • Richard Naylor submits some more modern-day USMC
  • And finally Mr Plowman has two orcs and two elves to add to his collection

Pictures? I don't need to ponder here: as is traditional, we'll feature the two returnees with their first entries for the year.

First up, Mr Stoesen's Cold War figures:

And here are Mr Bond's sixty-seven CoC-ists:

Is that a towel they're guarding? Must be for a 1940 scenario!

Is that a towel they're guarding? Must be for a 1940 scenario!

And finally I'm going to sneak in a quick pick of Mr Ralls' street. Lovely!