US Paratroops

The second platoon of US Paras are now done. 

For these I used Battlefront figures rather than painting another platoon from Forged in Battle. Nothing against FiB, I hasten to add, just fancied a change.

These are nice figures in my favoured slightly-cartoony style. There are a couple of differences with the FiB set: the Battlefront have no dressing-packs on their helmets, and they all have these irritating little daggers strapped to one leg. On the plus side, however, the platoon comes with three machine gunners with a tripod-holding crew, which are very nice indeed. Also of note are the chaps throwing a grenade: nice action pose.

So now all I have to do is decide which manufacturer gets the vote for platoon three. Let me know what you think I should do: FiB again, or Battlefront again, or someone else?

US Paras from Battlefront

US Paras from Battlefront