TFL Painting Challenge: Is It Really Saturday Again Already?

Morning all, here's another update for the painting challenge.

Quite a big one today as I've had lots of other things to bang up on this site during the week. So, in no particular order, we have:

  • A triple entry from Steve Burt: guns, limbers, entrenchments
  • Some 15mm WW2 figures from Mr McCarthy
  • Sapper sends in a Soviet battlegroup, also in 15mm
  • Paul Blankenship sends in another huge batch of 6mm WW2 vehicles and infantry
  • Mr Douglas goes Persian
  • Mark Luther has more 'planes for us: loving those Ju88s
  • Mr Slade has more minions of the non-yellow lozenge type

Today's pictures are one of Andrew's Forged in Battle 88s, and Sapper's Soviet battlegroup: