TFL Painting Challenge: Fat Wally's Return

An absolutely humungous update today aided by the return of that Lardy stalwart, Fat Wally.

Kev has obviously been storing up his entries all year, and submitted about thirty 15mm SYW units and over fifty 10mm houses. Lucky I had a free evening to upload them all!

So, in no particular order, we have:

  •  The aforementioned Fat Wally with some 28mm animals and gladiators, more SYW figures than even he could ever need, and enough 10mm buildings to solve the country's housing crisis once and for all
  • Mr Luther with more 6mm 'planes
  • Owen, not just more Napoleonics, but some pirates. Ah hah, me hearties!
  • Derek Hodge continues his Blucher-driven re-basing drive, and adds some skeletons to the mix. Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones!
  • Matt Slade goes ninja
  • Mr Bowler slides in some more WOTR infantry: Percy's lot this time
  • Richard Naylor submits a few more Afghan police
  • Leif is getting ready for the new Star Wars film
  • and Mr Davies gets confused about the size of his infantry. Oo, er, madam!

Today's picture is, of course, from Kev. Just look at these Cossacks!