Vis Imperica Army Gallery: the Crimean British

I do love my early war British army! They've fought in India and in the Crimea, and have always given their all!

Embarrassingly, I can't remember what make of figures they are, but they are a real mixture. Even more embarrassingly, I do know that I didn't paint all of them (I used a painting service) but I can't remember, or even tell, exactly which ones I painted and which ones I didn't! I'm pretty certain that the two command figures, the Grenadier Guards, 66th Infantry, 11th Hussars, and the Rockets are my work; which means that the 57th Infantry, Rifles, Lancers and both Light and Heavy Dragoons aren't. I'm certainly claiming the 11th Hussars and Lord Cardigan, as I'm quite pleased with them.

Click on the picture below to see the whole gallery: