TFL Painting Challenge: Thursday night

Lots of entries again today, including two (from Topi and Sapper) that seemed to have been lost in the ether for a couple of weeks. Just arrived in my Inbox today despite having been sent some time ago: weird!

Righty no particular order we have:

  • Topi with a plethora of German WW2 vehicles
  • Sapper with some lovely mounted samurai
  • Keith Davies with some WW2 20mm kit
  • AJH returns with a bang...and an eclectic mix of figures
  • Andrew Helliwell with some AWI Brits and WW2 Germans
  • Treadhead returns with some cracking-looking Taliban
  • Thomas pops in some palm trees and a cheeky half-track
  • Mr Burt submits some more great looking Napoleonics: British this time
  • Mr Miller, of the Andrew variety, returns to the challenge for the first time in 2015, almost equaling his 2014 total in one go.
  • and Egg adds some more to his collection of Italian ships

Today's pictures are from Egg, his ships; and from Treadhead, his Taliban: