TFL Painting Challenge: Quick Sunday Update

Many of you are still very slow off the mark this year...unlike some of the below, who seem positively prolific!

So, today, in no particular order, we have:

  • New entrant, Oracle, with a couple of 28s and some re-based 6s
  • More X-Wing craft from Kev
  • Some drones from Carole
  • Continuing the sci-fi theme, four beautifully painted 15mm infantry from Mr Plowman
  • Lots of 28s from Mr Davenport who, for a new entrant, is already piling on the points
  • And finally Stumpy makes a return with a mix of new painting and re-basing

Today's pics are, unusually for me, both examples of re-basing: first up Oracle's 6mm WSS French, then Stumpy's Napoleonic Brits...