TFL Painting Challenge: First Entries for 2016

There are some of you obviously determined to start the TFL Painting Challenge 2016 off with a bang!

Already we have entries from:

  • Sapper, with four (yes, four) submissions already
  • Mervyn Douglas, with more for his Sudan collection ("they don't like it up 'em!")
  • Andrew Helliwell, who continues the post-Xmas theme with a platoon of late war Germans put together from the leftovers
  • Ralph Plowman, with some rather nice new figures from the new Moongrunt range from GZG
  • Doug Melville, with some Aeroneuf ships
  • and last, but by no means least, Kev "Fat Wally" Lowth with some lovely X-Wing Star Wars ships

Today's pictures will, I think, all have a sci-fi theme. Here are Ralph, Doug and some of Kev's entries:

Ralph Plowman's figures from the new moongrunt range from gzg

doug melville's aeroneuf submission

some of kev's x-wing models

Remember that you can see all the entries in the various people's galleries.

NB  The scorecard will be updated tonight, once I can load the numbers onto my home PC