TFL Painting Challenge: Update 30th December

Thought I'd better do a quick update to keep ahead of the tidal wave of entries coming in. As you'll see, below, it's not so much the number of individual entries but the number of entries per individual that needs taking care of.

So, today we have:

  • The Mad Padre with a round up of his recent painting
  • Matt Slade with a huge number of 28mm figures: more WoR and some lovely Doctor Who kit as well
  • Andrew Helliwell gets into the winter spirit with some cold-looking Germans
  • Treadhead makes a welcome return with his latest Sharp Practice offerings
  • and last but by no means least, Thomas makes a surprise appearance with a very large entry of Star Wars and Zombie stuff

Today's pics are some of the best of the above. Do visit people's individual galleries to see all:

The Mad Padre's Rohirrin villagers

Two of Treadhead's British infantry

"When the tower is in our hands..." Cybermen from Matt Slade

Well, we couldn't not feature Thomas now, could we?