TFL Painting Challenge: Pre-Weekend Update

A cheeky Friday update to clear the decks before a busy weekend. Today, in no paticular order, we have:

  • Chris Stoesen with a selection of paper buildings in 15mm
  • Steve Burt with a fleet of ships
  • Our glorious leader, Mr Clarke, with some more infantry and artillery
  • Mervyn switches back to 15mm with some ancient and then colonial Brits
  • Mr Plowman paints a single sci-fi tank...but then he does paint them so well!
  • Carole also goes sci-fi, with some scout vehicles and scenery
  • And finally Kev is still on his X-Wing kick: loads more ships

Today's pictures are from Steve, his ships; and Carole's sci-fi kit...

468 points' worth of Wizzkids ships

468 points' worth of Wizzkids ships

Some nice kit from Critical Mass Games via Carole

Points will be added to the scorecard tonight or tomorrow.