TFL Painting Challenge: Thursday Update

Lots of entries in this week: the challenge is really hotting up already this year.

In no particular order, we have:

  • Stumpy with a fistful of re-basing
  • Matt Slade with a huge weed monster!
  • Andrew Helliwell with some more Soviets in 15mm
  • Andy Duffell pops in a Kiwi or eleven
  • It's all Andrews today, as Mr McCarthy sends in some nice looking late war British tanks and a handful of Germans
  • Derek Hodge submits some more for Dux and Sharp Practice 2.
  • Mr Clarke has gone painting mad this year: this week sees 64 newly painted and 48 re-based 28mm troops hitting his score
  • Mervyn adds some skeletons and an awful lot of stone wall
  • Mr Gatzemeyer builds a Saxon village
  • Chris Stoesen cuts and pastes some paper terrain buildings
  • And finally Kev, of course Kev, has painted some more X-Wing ships

Today's pics?

Well, let's have a pic of some of Stumpy's later Romans, a pic of Rich's von Schtabbin, Mr Gatzemeyer's village, and a Brucie-bonus pic of Mr Helliwell's Soviets:

Stumpy's Romans

Baron von Schtabbin's Regiment by Mr Clarke

Mr Gatzemeyer's rather nice Saxon village

Andy Helliwell's SU-57s in 15mm