TFL Painting Challenge: Monday Update

Hello all, and hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Today's entries for the painting challenge are:

  • Mr Davenport with a dozen 28mm buildings (and an impressive wargames room, if I may say so!)
  • Ms Flint doesn't add any Space Orcs to her total!
  • Doug Fitch arrives on the scene with some 15mm WW2 figures
  • Mark Luther sends in an assortment of 20mm Far East types, and some of his little 'planes too
  • Treadhead turns in some terrain
  • Stumpy pops in some Zulus and lots of French Napoleonics. Re-based, but still counting half.
  • Andrew Helliwell sends in some more ACW 15s
  • Mr Yuengling gets ready for a fight around Caen with some 15mm WW2 vehicles
  • And finally Mr Ralls sends in some rather jolly 28mm figures and transport.

Today's pics? Well I think we'll have Mr Davenport's room; and the Jason Ralls boat pics (vessel and crew etc)

First stop on my world tour!

Rather large boat and crew by Jason Ralls

Scorecard will be updated tonight: promise!