TFL Painting Challenge: Huge Tuesday Update

An absolutely enormous update today!

In no particular order, we have:

  • Mr Hodge is continuing to morph into a "baser" rather than a wargamer, with a massive amount of sabot bases
  • Carole sends in two entries: all 15mm sci-fi figures from GZG. We've got three platoons of infantry, support drones, command...the lot
  • Mr Douglas pops in a couple of 15mm units: some Sudan types and some more ancient Brits
  • Ralph Plowman also goes 15mm GZG, painted so inspirationally that I've had to go out and buy a platoon's worth myself. He should be on commission!
  • Andrew Helliwell stays with his Soviets: a platoon's worth and some lend-lease carriers
  • Sapper sends in three entries comprising a large total of 28mm figures: Samurai and Seven Years War
  • Steve Burt submits some rather lovely Parthians. It must have been baking hot in all that armour.
  • Our glorious leader, Mr Clarke, sends in three entries this week, all from the AWI, and adding up to a most impressive total
  • and finally I'm loving Mr Davenport's entry: Napoleonic Brits in numbers, and also some AWI infantry

So many entries to choose from for today's photos...but here's a selection. You can see the whole lot in the individual's galleries.

Jon's Napoleonic Brits

Mr Plowman's Xar

Carole's Power Armour Troopers

Sapper's Irish in French Service

Scorecard will be updated tonight..honest, it will!