TFL Painting Challenge: Update

This year's challenge is ticking along nicely: plenty of people sending in their achievements on a regular basis. Here's this week's batch:

  • Carole sends in two entries: some more alien Kra'vak, and some American Civil War troops for Sharp Practice v2
  • Mervyn also sends in two entries: some Gallic cavalry and some more 19th C Egyptians
  • Steve Burt has twelve Parthians to add to his collection
  • Mr Yuengling adds more to his Normandy forces
  • Ralph Plowman sends in a small but beautifully formed set of White Dragon Miniatures
  • and, finally, Mr Luther returns to the fold with some more 6mm aeroplanes

Today's picture is of Mr Burt's Parthians and Mr Douglas' Gallic cavalry:

Parthians in 28mm from Navigator

Gallic cavalry in 15mm

Plenty of time to get your entries in, especially if you have entered in the past but have yet to do so this year. So come on, get painting and get photographing!