TFL Painting Challenge: Huge Post-Trip Update

Just back from a week north of the border, and have returned to find my inbox brimming with entries into this year's challenge.

Here are today's updates in, as always, no particular order:

  • Doug Melville with a huge 6mm War of the Spanish Succession entry
  • Koen makes his first appearance of the year with some 28mm French for Dien Bien Phu, some 28mm WW2 infantry, and some 28mm fantasy types
  • Kev pops in a few more spacecraft for X-Wing
  • Thomas joins Koen on the Dien Bien Phu front
  • Another massive entry from Carole: aliens and ACW
  • Mervyn sends in some zombies and some bats
  • Mr Helliwell posts some more of his 15mm Rebs
  • Owen ends in a mixed bag of a ship, some 15mm cavalry and some 28mm infantry
  • Lloyd Bowler shows us his Warlord Romans
  • Stumpy has masses of 28mm British WW2 infantry and some tanks
  • and last but my no means least, Steve Burt sends in some more cataphract types

Well that's taken me more than an hour to sort!

Today's pictures are from Carole, some of her Kra'vak; from Doug, some of his 6mm figures; and from Steve, some cataphracts:

Doug's British Dragoons and Horse for the WSS in 6mm

Carole's Kra'vak command in 15mm

Steve's Cataphracts in 28mm