TFL Painting Challenge: Another Big One!

I wasn't expecting to do another update before the weekend, but so many entries have come in that, if I don't, I run the risk of being overwhelmed!

So, in no particular order, we have:

  • Doug Fitch with lots of 15mm WW2 goodness
  • A first entry in 2016 from Paul Baldwin: terrain, infantry and cavalry
  • Mr Clarke sends in a huge entry of twelve house and two outhouses in 28mm
  • Thomas Nissvik also makes his first appearance this year, with ten rather nice 28mm Vietminh infantry
  • Mr "Hat" Bowler attempts to claim 600 sq ft of painted and primed basement floor...but has to settle for the 105 28mm Romans and a ballista that actually count towards his total
  • Carole attempts to complete her Corporate Ashigaru force with another platoon and their support weapons
  • Neil Hooge is another 'first time in 2016' entry: he sends in some (great sounding) 15mm British Victorian infantry mounted on terror birds and ostriches...but the piccy is so dark you can't see the detail :(
  • And finally Jon Yuengling pops in four 15mm WW2 vehicles for his early war Germans.

Today's pics are from Mr Fitch, some of his WW2 Germans; Mr Baldwin, his Napoleonic French infantry; and from Thomas, his Vietminh:

Mr Fitch's WW2 German armour: great camo scheme! 

Mr Baldwin's cracking French infantry

Thomas' Vietminh