TFL Painting Challenge: Quick Tuesday Update

Quick Tuesday update for the TFL Painting Challenge, including two first-of-the-year entries.

In no particular order, we have:

  • Dave Humm, the first first-of-the-year, with some nice Confederates and a terrible pun
  • Mr Plowman paints some Robo Monkeys...must be for Q13
  • Carole's entry, lots of aliens, is definitely for Q13, because she says so
  • Andrew Helliwell pops in another regiment of 15mm Confederates
  • Mr Douglas has some more Ancient Brits on offer
  • and finally, Owen, the second of the firsts, has a mix of fantasy figures

We'll go Reb for today's pics:

Dave Humm's Confederate cavalry

Andrew Helliwell's Confederate infantry