TFL Painting Challenge: Another Big Update!

The entries for this year's challenge are flooding in!

Today we have:

  • Doug Fitch with various WW2 German figures in 15mm for use with the Blenneville or Bust! scenario pack (I'll look forward to receiving your AARs for publication on this site!)
  • Carole has been painting houses rather than figures: six of them to be precise
  • Mr Luther has been churning out impressive amounts of jungle terrain for the Pacific. He's looking at Malaya, so doubtless loved my Slim River AAR and the Fall of the Lionsgate scenario pack
  • Chris Stoesen pops in some AWI figures
  • Kev sends in another brilliantly painted X-Wing spacecraft. This one is painted de-cloaking: looks amazing.
  • Sapper keeps us traditional with a couple of large 28mm Ancients units pictured in action at Roll Call.
  • Owen sends in loads of figures from a fanyasy setting that, for the moment, escapes me
  • Mr Helliwell demonstrates that particular breed of madness with which we are all familiar: he has now painted, and is still painting, more Confederate infantry than will fit on his tabletop
  • The Mad Padre sends in his first entry of the year: some rather nice Unionists in 28mm
  • And finally Mr Hodge sends in some more bases (obviously), a few 15's, and what he claims are the last of his Gwŷr y Gogledd for Dux Britanniarum. We shall see...

Phew! Now, pictures:

15mm Panthers from Mr Fitch

Indian Bowmen from Sapper

Kev's De-Cloaking Spaceship

Scorecard will be updated tonight.