TFL Painting Challenge: Update for the Saturday Before Salute

Everyone is obviously clearing their painting tables in preparation for stocking up at Salute next weekend!

In no particular order, we have:

  • Carole with some Confederates and Civilian-types
  • Mr Naylor with some Iraqis
  • Double G pops in some Hearthguard
  • WillieB enters two battalions of 28mm Napoleonics...and they are his leftovers!
  • Egg appears for the first time this year: some 15mm WW2 French
  • Steve enters the last of the Mo-Parthians
  • and Mervyn sends in a couple of 1:48 tanks and some 15mm hills

Today's pics?  I think Carole's civilians (I'm a great fan of tail, as it were); some of WilleB's French; Steve's Parthians and one of Mervyn's 28mm AFVs:

Carole's civilian-types:  Blah-blah, baa-baa, oink-oink!

A close-up of WillieB's Nappies

Parthians from Steve Burt

A Hetzer from Mervyn