TFL Painting Challenge: TGIF Update

The end of a long week, and just time to pop in a quick update to the painting challenge. In no particular order we have:

  • Carole, with two entries: some ACW terrain and standard bearers, and the first of her imagination troops
  • The Mad Padre sends in an excellent Anglo-Saxon house and a couple of riders to defend it
  • Chris Gilbride enters some gladiators and a biscuit tin...but, unlike last time someone sent in a biscuit tin, this one counts!
  • Stumpy is still re-basing Zulus like mad
  • Steve Burt sends in some Bronze Age civilians
  • Matt Slade with three entries: some ECW casualties, some British Nappies, and some rather nice paired Wild West figures
  • I Am Bruce submits a mixture of 28mm figures
  • and finally Mervyn gets ready for some Sharp Practice with his Indian Mutiny figures

Today's pictures:

Sarissa Dark Ages house with home-made thatch from the Mad Padre

Some of Matt's Napoleonics

The Biscuit Tin of Doom! from Chris Gilbride