TFL Painting Challenge: Thursday Update

Lots of lovely entries this week, but I'm already late for a meeting so will have to just rattle through the list:

  • Lloyd sends in some lovely 28mm mounted Auxilia and a host of 6mm ancients
  • Keith Davies pops in a company of Panthers in 6mm
  • Mr Helliwell has more Confederates finished
  • Mr Burt has more Egyptians done
  • I Am Bruce offers us six Time Robbers and some dice holders
  • Richard Naylor has some nice Austrians done for SP2
  • Chris Stoesen sends in a lone horseman
  • and last and certainly not least, Mr McCarthy sends in a huge 15mm Soviet entry

Scorecard will be updated tonight, but here are Mr Naylor's Austrians, the Hat's Auxilia, and some of Andy's Soviets: