Ironclad Miniatures: Small Factory Finished

Here's the finished small ruined factory from Ironclad Miniatures.

Very easy to paint. After washing the resin model in soapy water, prime in a brick red colour. I used a can from my local art shop.

Then, once fully dry, paint all the non-brick wreckage in the main building. I used a bright green for bits of corrugated iron roof; bright orange for thick pipework; steel for smaller pipes; and a wood brown for bits of plank. 

I then painted the tile floor and stairs in the ante-room in a pale grey. Finally, where the brick of the inner walls are covered by plaster, I used a bleached bone colour to convey the sense of institution.

Again once fully dry (make sure it really is fully dry before this bit) wash the entire model in a slightly watered down black ink. Really splash it on to make sure you get good coverage.

Leave the model for a day so all the excess fluid evaporates away, and then lightly dry brush the brick wreckage in a pale brick colour. Finally, a light dry brush of the bleached bone colour again to really bring out the detail and, after a light coat of matt varnish, finished.

Each stage should only take about fifteen minutes: it's the drying that takes the time! I painted the factory by doing one stage a night after work.

Although you can't see it properly below, the bit of the factory with the tile floor had a removable roof made up of a smashed in second floor.

Here's another pic showing the factory from the other angle.