Ironclad Miniatures: Both Factories Now Finished

A bit of spare time this weekend gave me the opportunity to finish the Ironclad Miniatures factories I've been working on.

First up were the second and third sections of the large factory:

These two bits then combined with the first section, finished last week, to give a very nice looking and impressively large ruined factory. Here is the whole thing with a motorcycle combo to give you an idea of size:

Then I discovered that those nice people at Ironclad had also sent me a bag full of true ruins: cornerpieces and wall sections etc. These ended up painted in the same way as the main factories:

Finally I realised that I hadn't painted all of the small factory: it has a loading bay that comes separately. So here's another view of the small factory (see previous post) but with the loading bay tacked on:

All in all, some excellent terrain from Ironclad.

Now to start the Poles...