TFL Painting Challenge: Huge Update

Huge update today:  loads of entries from people who haven't been active for a bit.

So, in no particular order, we have:

  • Keith Davies with Viking-types in two different scales
  • Egg makes a welcome return, with enough 15mm figures painted in modern woodland camouflage to send any normal man insane
  • Mervyn has been housebuilding: four houses to be exact
  • Mr Naylor pops in a few Austrians
  • Owen is also back with a bang: over 500 points-worth of 28s in one go
  • Andrew Helliwell has a few spearmen and a regiment of ACW Unionists for us to see
  • Sapper is another of the returnees: eighty-five 28s and a house for them all to live in
  • The Hat is back: Lloyd Bowler succumbed to temptation, bought a big box of figures, and has only just now returned to the surface...
  • Steve Bowler submits some more Egyptians, and is now sure that he's painted all of them...
  • And last, but by no means least, Koen sends in a mix of Paras, fantasy and sci-fi figures

So many entries to choose between for the pics. Let's see now...

The reason for Egg's insanity

Sapper's Napoleonics

Zouaves from Lloyd Bowler

The Last of the Egyptians!

Scoreboard will be updated tonight.