TFL Painting Challenge: An Overdue Update

You can tell everyone has been off on their summer holidays: very few entries into the painting challenge recently. Must confess I'm in the same boat, though: I have Polish cavalry all over my painting table that just won't paint themselves!

Anyhoo, today's entries, in no particular order are:

  • Steve Burt submits a very heavy elephant
  • Mr Helliwell sends in assorted 15mm WW2 Germans and Soviets.
  • Richard Naylor pops in a 6mm anti-tank battery and a lovely T-34
  • Mr Plowman has been to Mars, and has the figures to prove it
  • Stumpy has been doing some more re-basing
  • And Mervyn has been preparing for his Dad's Army re-make in 28mm

Today's pics are from Messrs Naylor, Plowman and Stumpy:

Fantastic PSC 20mm T-34/85 from Mr Naylor

Martians from Mr Plowman

Re-based Boers from Stumpy